April 19, 2011

Been a while...

Alright, haven't blogged in a long while... so here is where i'm at: got a second wonderful daughter last year, working now on two contracts (MD Physician Services and Nolinor Aviation) and continuing renovations on our house... busy busy!

The full time contract at MD Physician Services is all about business analysis for their websites and physician centric intranets (they are a Canadian Medical Association company). They offer financial services, drug and general medical databases, eLearning tools, etc. I deal mainly with the business people in the Ottawa office, the dev team here in Montreal and some of the third party suppliers. It's an interesting view into the medical industry and i get to work with some fun people.

The second contract, part time, is for Nolinor Aviation where i've built them an intranet that implements a Security Management System (SMS). This basically permits employees of the airline to fill in reports about incidents occurring on the job. Managers can then analyze the reports and set up appropriate mesures to correct the problems reported. Some statistics, user management and data entry is also available to directors and admins. Pretty cool project for some nice folks.