March 1, 2012

Winter is back!

After a lukewarm winter and a spring that seemed within reach, winter is back in force... not very cold (didn't even crack -20C this year... pfff) but lotsa fresh snow these last few days. Oh well, you can never count on winter being over until the end of march anyways...

Been busy since the last post, started another contract in october with Nolinor, this time to build them a Flight Data System. Very cool stuff, and will help their operations immensely. The SMS is doing well but a revision might be in order this year, hope so, they are a fun client and it's nice to see those 737s up close :-)

Several projects are in the works here at the Funke Ideas headquarters, some might even make it to a browser near you later this year! Speaking of headquarters, i've finally finished the basement office and work there 4 days a week (and weekends sometimes). Got all i need down here, even a treadmill to keep me in shape and give me a welcome break from staring at this screen all day... i'm hoping to do some 10K or more races this year, if i can keep up the training, not always easy!