July 20, 2017

Back to remote work

Here we are halfway through 2017 where i will try to get into the habit of writing more often in this blog.

Family life is good, minus a few health issues i wont get into here. Since the last post i returned to Outbox for another 6 month stint, followed by 6 months at Belron Canada as a functional analyst. Now i'm taking some time off to get my online presence in order (company website, blog, LinkedIn) and working on updating my coding skills (mainly Bootstrap and responsiveness so my web apps work well on mobile). Also i have finally decided to go full remote and only accept work i can do online with minimal to no fixed office work. I've done it on and off for a few years already but now we have decided to move out of the big city to live closer to nature and travel more.

This means a shift in my work contacts (most of them are Montreal office based job recruiters) and finding alternative revenue streams. I'm building up a list of remote work job search sites that have potential and making contacts with like minded entrepreneurs. Also i'm looking at drop shipping as a revenue source.

The next month or two won't be easy but i'm not one to shy away from a challenge!

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